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Blessed with a stunning Riviera on the ever blue Adriatic Sea, consider this your answer to an affordable version of Monte Carlo. This small but picturesque country became an independent republic in just 2006. It comes with a rich history linking it with Yugoslav, Venetian, Ottoman and other influences which add to the rich scenery. In most places you are blessed with views of both the sea and the mountains. We only spent a day in Montenegro which was only enough to get a brief overview, but you could easily spend a week here exploring medieval towns and relaxing by the beach soaking up the sun and splendid scenery.

Our Lady of the Rocks, Perast
We took a 10 seater boat to this small islet where this small church is located. We noticed that the architecture reminded us of churches in Italy, a sign of the Venetian influences in the region. Look out over the Bay of Kotor and the views are so beautiful you can’t take it all in. The green mountains rise from the deep blue of the Adriatic and the hills are dotted with red tiled roofs. This picture hardly does justice to the splendor of this place.

Enter Kotor and you feel as if you have travelled back in time to the Middle Ages. Complete with drawbridges, a moat and spired towers and walls Kotor is a sight to behold. Get lost within the dark corridors of the walled city and visit Saint Tryphon’s Cathedral. If you are feeling adventurous and fit, consider hiking up the 1,350 steps to the San Giovanni Castle for an incredible view.

The town of Budva reminded us of a less commercialized version of Dubrovnik. It’s quiet streets are set in the heart of the Montenegrin Riviera so that you can enjoy both land and sea while surrounded by beautiful beaches and mountains. We strolled around the romantic streets which were great photo opportunities and wandered through the little shops. We sipped on some grappa, an after dinner spirit of Italian origin that is popular in the region.


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  • April 29, 2017 at 7:44 pm

    Montenegro is so beautiful! It is shame we did not have too much time there. But if I were to go do it again, I would spend a few nights in Budva for sure.

  • April 29, 2017 at 2:57 am

    I’m visiting Montenegro this fall and I have not done any research on the points of interest yet. It’s good to read about Perast, Kotor and Budva. I love your reflection photograph! I now have an idea of what I’ll do in Montenegro!

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